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Climate Ready Boston

The City of Boston is planning adaptations to protect Boston's shoreline from sea level rise and storm surge. The Commission coordinated closely with the City throughout the project. Visit the Climate Ready Boston website by clicking the link below.

Coastal Stormwater Discharge Analysis

BWSC undertook the Coastal Stormwater Discharge Analysis to begin the process of adapting Boston’s storm drains to sea level rise and climate change. Learn more about this important project here.  

Flood Modeling

The Commission has updated its Citywide 2D flood model to simulate the benefits of coastal stormwater adaptations. Click the button below to view and interact with the updated model predictions.

Read Our Report

The full Coastal Stormwater Discharge Analysis report is available online at the link below. 

About the Resilience Hub

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission has developed the Resilience Hub to present the results of the Coastal Stormwater Discharge Analysis and Inundation Model to Boston residents. This website will be updated over time as the Commission continues to advance its adaptation and flood modeling efforts. Please click the button below to learn more. 

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